Ultrasonic inhaler Tajfun – efficient therapy for the whole airway

The series TAJFUN has been created with an intention to meet health care needs of hospitals, health resorts and clinics, where precision, effectiveness and durability are of utmost importance.TAJFUNs are the latest generation of programmable, electronic controlled devices, incorporating in its construction both 20 years of experience from manufacture of previous generations of inhalers and boldest innovations suggested by their users.

TAJFUN 1 – ultrasonic inhaler (nebulizer) with ability of thermoaerosol and vibroerosol production.
Winner of the gold medal at the world exhibition of innovation, research and new technology EUREKA in Brussels.

• Treatment of bronchial and lung diseases such as asthma, allergies, COPD, etc.
• Humidification and rehabilitation of respiratory tract (patients with Cystic Fibrosis).
• Treatment of nasal sinuses, pharynx, larynx in allergies, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, etc.
• Eye treatment – mucosa humidification.
• Head skin and hair treatment.
• Beauty treatments.

• Durable design ensuring at least 10 years of very intensive operation in health resorts.
• Comprehensive therapy of the whole respiratory tract from alveoli to sinuses.
• Delivery of vibroaeorosol, which increases penetration of aerosol particles 50 to 500 times. This method allows effective non-invasive and immediate aerosol therapy of paranasal sinuses, which classical aerosol can not achieve. Vibroaerosol is also effective in other areas of the upper respiratory tract, including throat and larynx.
• Thermoaerosol – heated aerosol, which increases inhalation comfort and prevents from lungs cooling.
• Treatment programming – ability of saving all treatment parameters to be able to run repetitive series of treatments almost automatically.
• High aerosol efficiency for effective humidification of respiratory tract.
• Hygiene – accessories in contact with patient or aerosol can be sterilized or disinfected.
• Timing system – treatment time counts down and the operation of inhaler is being stopped automatically after treatment.
• Antibacterial filter and air filter care for the cleanliness of inhaled aerosol.
• Check valve – ensures that no unwanted exhalations will find their way back to the atomizing chamber.
• Disposable and reusable inhalation sets enable flexible treatment planning.
• Medicine vessel – enables delivery of small drug amounts and protects the drug from overheating by a transducer.
• Transitional fluid level sensor – transducer protection.
• Continuous work.
• Silent work.
• Clear control panel.
• For hospital and home use.