Breath synchronized inhaler Marin – for precise delivery of the drug

MARIN – interactive pneumatic inhaler (nebulizer) with ability of creating vibroaerosol and with the unique function of generating aerosol only during the patient’s inspiration, which allows enormous drug saving and significantly increases the effectiveness of therapy.

Drug, inhaled in the first phase, is deposited in lungs with air inhaled in the second phase of inspiration. This way the drug deposition is optimal and loss of drug minimal. Inhaler continuously adjusts the moment and period of aerosol generation to patient’s breathing pattern and frequency (BF).
The device is controlled with colour touch screen. Menu was designed with help of experienced users, which made it most easy and intuitive to operate. You can choose to program the precise dose to be delivered or the total volume to be poured into the nebulizing chamber.
Friendly animation increases patient’s engagement in inhalation process and enables monitoring of the running treatment. In saved programs you can enter time, treatment area and dose of the drug, which is very convenient for beginning repeatable treatments.

Marin is the winner of a silver medal at the International Exhibition of Invention LEPINE in France.

• Treatment of bronchial and lung diseases such as asthma, allergies, COPD, etc.
• Treatment of nasal sinuses, pharynx, larynx in allergies, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, etc.

• Effective therapy – excellent drug deposition in the lowest lung parts
• Drug safety – breath synchronized drug generation
• Saving patient and inhalation parameters
• Interactive animation supporting effective treatment
• Comprehensive treatment of respiratory tract
• Vibroaerosol – pulsation module for sinuses treatment
• Treatment programming – enables saving all parameters in a single record and recalling the treatment only with its number
• Timer counts down the treatment time and shuts down the inhaler upon finish
• Touch screen
• Clear and intuitive menu
• Continuous work mode
• Relatively quiet compressor
• For hospital and home use