About Us

Medbryt is a Polish producer and distributor of innovative aerosol therapy equipment. The company was separated from foreign company P.Z. THOMEX and established as a new SME in 1991. Since then we developed numerous innovative products, which are known and appreciated in Poland and in the world.

In our assortment you will find a wide selection of inhalers and inhalation equipment. We provide complex inhalation equipment to hospitals, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centers and private therapeutic rooms. For polish market we design and make functional inhalation stations that effectively clean treatment rooms from unnecessary aerosol, reducing equipment wear.

Medbryt runs a fast and efficient service for our customers. We offer trainings concerning selection and use of inhalation equipment. We have a Quality System certified by TÜV Rheinland, which guarantees the highest quality of our products. Our experienced team offers professional service and support wherever necessary.

The MEDBRYT’s mission is to provide customers with the highest quality equipment and services, which is why for many years we have represented in Poland an Italian company Flaem Nuova – manufacturer of top-class inhalers; a French company DTF – manufacturer of unique otolaryngological inhalers and other valued companies dealing with the topic of inhalation.

Throughout the years Medbryt participated in numerous R&D projects effecting with end products, which successfully entered and stayed on the market:

Inhalers / nebulizers:

  1. TAJFUN – ultrasonic inhaler with ability of thermoaerosol and vibroerosol production. Winner of the gold medal at the world exhibition of innovation, research and new technology EUREKA in Brussels.
  2. MARIN – interactive (cooperating with patient) pneumatic inhaler with ability of creating vibroaerosol and with the unique function of generating aerosol only during the patient’s inspiration, which allows enormous drug saving and significantly increases the effectiveness of therapy. Marin is the winner of a silver medal at the International Exhibition of Invention LEPINE in France.
  3. MONSUN – efficient and durable pneumatic inhaler with ability of producing vibroaerosol – a simplified version of the MARIN inhaler.
  4. UH-1 – multifunctional computerized system with surveillance and archiving for inhalation therapy.

Other key projects:

  1. WARMER – Water Risk Management in Europe – European project of ion sensitive sensors for detecting water pollution.
  2. PIEZOMEMS and SMARTENERGY – European project – piezoelectric harvester for small-scale power energy harvesting techniques for autonomous operation of portable or embedded micro devices and systems.
  3. e-Neb – ultrasonic nebulizer with telemedicine functions for treatment and rehabilitation of the respiratory system, taking into account prevention of spread of the coronavirus pandemic, in particular SARS-CoV-2.